Shawn Petite

Transparent Layers - Composition and layers in mixed media

In this workshop we will complete 3 separate projects. Covering 3 techniques that I use to create transparent layers. We will also cover, composition, what images work best, color combinations, blending , shading and mediums.

Shawn Petite

Open Your Wings Workshop not live version

**ON SALE UNTIL JUNE 11TH! WAS $69 NOW ONLY $49!!**** This workshop guides you through two projects. Faux encaustic with rusty elements and winged hearts. with bonus projects. All content delivered at once. . This is not the live version.

Shawn Petite

Just Begin - A beginners guide to the basics of mixed media

This workshop is designed to take the fear out of Just Beginning. I take you step by step in the starting process of creating. I walk you through supplies, composition, color, glazing, inspiration...... All the things that are needed to Just BEGIN!

Shawn Petite

Grungy florals

My style has always been a little messy and grungy, so when I wanted to create florals, I knew that I had to do something different. Something with lots of layers, and paper, drips, finger marks, stencils work and oh so much more.

Shawn Petite

Finish it Workshops - Focused workshops creating start to finish a single piece of art.

Finish it Workshop Grungy door. You will work with mediums to create beautiful texture, downloads of old doors and finishing techniques to create gorgeous grunge. 3 videos that walk you through supplies, background and finishing.

Shawn Petite

Finish it Workshop - Believe Bird

In this project we will be creating the Believe Bird piece. What you can expect from this workshop. Detailed, step by step instruction to completing this work of art. 4 videos broken down in 1. Supplies 2. Practice 3. Background 4. Finish touches.