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The next open enrollement will be in January  2022 . Start the year off with a creative bang!!

$19.99 a month for weekly indepth inspiration.

Are you tired of trying to find inspiration for your art?

Are you afraid of taking a risk and taking your art to a new level?

  • Do you sit down to create and don't know what to do? You're staring at a blank canvas or journal and you're unsure of your voice or own personal style in your art.
  • Maybe you're a brand new creator and you're looking to learn in a fun and encouraging space.
  • Maybe you've been creating for a while and want to go deeper in your practice.
  • Do you want to learn new techniques and get the inside scoop on how to layer, paint, collage and create texture?

If you answered yes to any of those things then you're in the right place!

What you get when you become an insider

  • Monthly Project

    Create with me each month. It's like having your own personal instructor. I will answer your questions, walk you through each project and you get to see up close how I create and work through messy middle and finishing touches.

  • Monthly art challenge with color theme

    My goal is to help you grow as an artist whether you're a beginner or have been creating for a long time. The monthly challenge will stretch us to use new colors and to think about creating in a new way. And I'll be creating right along with you.

  • Monthly impromptu art journal session

    I pop in and create a journal page with our color palette and theme. Quickly, getting you used to letting go of perfection. You'll get to see what works and what doesn't and how I correct

  • Product reviews and comparisons

    We'll explore new products to help you find exactly what you love to create with. It's different for everybody.

  • Specific techniques to help you get the most beautiful mixed media layers

    I'll show you a new technique each month that you'll be able to use in all of your projects.

  • Quotes library

    Each month, you will have access to new quotes in fun fonts that you can download and use to help inspire your projects.

  • Collage papers and elements library

    Each month a new batch of collage elements will be added to the library for you to download and use.

  • A music playlist to help inspire you

    Music inspires us in so many ways and can really help the creative process. Each month there will be a new playlist for you to experience.

  • Monthy free prints

    A free print for you to download each month and use for personal use.

  • My most used supplies and how I use them

    A list and links of all of my most used supplies. And I'll show you how to use them.

  • Guest teachers

    You will have the opportunity to learn from some fun artists.

I've packed the membership with so much goodness!

Just to inspire you and help you grow... It's finally time to invest in yourself and what YOU love!

Let's work together to find your own artistic voice, to help you get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

How it works

  • When you sign up you will have a monthly membership fee.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • Each month will have a theme and a color palette.
  • Each month new projects, art challenge, art journal impromptu, techniques and guest artists will be added.
  • You'll get a schedule of the live streams, monthly challenges,  and guest teachers.
  • If you can't make the live streams there will be a replay in the classroom.
  • You'll have a private forum and discussion area with all of the insiders to share your work, ask questions, and encourage each other.
  • You'll get additional workshops included in the membership.

Are you ready to become an INSIDER?

I'm so excited to go on this journey with you!


  • How long will I have access to the memberships?

    All the goodness inside the membership is yours as long as you stay a subscriber.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel anytime. We will discontinue your monthly fees starting in the next month.

  • What if I can't make the live stream?

    That's ok, there will always be a replay in the classroom.

  • Will there be closed captions and text?

    All videos will be closed captioned and there will also be a transcript.

  • If I'm a beginner will this work for me?

    Yes! We will have all levels of information.

  • Do I need internet access.

    Yes, You will need the internet to access the membership. Because it is a monthly membership the videos will not be downloadable.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    You're an insider now! Start HERE

    • Start Here!

  • 2

    Members Community and questions

    • How to navigate the membership community

    • Questionnaire - Help me make this membership better

  • 3

    Schedule and upcoming events

    • Schedule of events each month

  • 4

    Each month starts HERE!! Monthly Art challenges and color themes

    • December Art Challenge - The place everything kicks off for the month of December

    • November 2021 art challenge

    • October Art challenge and color palette

    • September Art challenge, inspiration and color palette

    • August art challenge and color palette

    • July art challenge and color palette

  • 5

    Impromptu art journaling

    • What is an impromptu art journaling session?

    • Dec. 2021 art journal impromptu

    • November impromptu journaling

    • October impromptu journaling

    • September impromptu journal

    • August impromptu journaling

    • July impromptu journaling Part 1 and Part 2

  • 6

    Monthly projects

    • December monthly projects Red barn and gifts to give

    • November project 2021

    • October Monthly project

    • September monthly project

    • August project 1 through 4 videos, prep for live, supplies and additional download

    • July project information, downloads and prep for live

  • 7

    Techniques and Product reviews

    • Dec 2021 Types of brushes

    • Dec 2021 What to do with left over paint on your palette

    • November techniques - Make your own crackle and different brands of crackle

    • November techniques - Watercolor basics, papers, brushes and options if you don't have watercolor

    • Nov. Color catalog, swatches and a great color palette inspiration resource!

    • Oct techniques - making your own stencils

    • October techniques - how to use a gel plate and options for printing without a gel plate

    • October - Quick tips for gel printing with past creative team member Barb Vaccari

    • September Technique of creating depth in light (moon, stars, twinkle lights)

    • The types of black and brown paints

    • Sept 2021 Using and comparing Mica powder and Micaceous iron oxide

    • August Techniques----- - image transfer & why I put paper down first

    • How I print on tissue paper and put it down - why I like using tissue paper

    • Why I use matte medium vs other glue products

    • Soft pastels review and options

  • 8

    Collage Elements

    • December Gifts from the Heart

    • November Collage Pack

    • October Collage Pack

    • September Collage Packs

    • August Collage Pack

    • July Collage Pack

  • 9

    Quotes library -Monthly quotes to inspire you

    • December Gifts for the Heart

    • November Quotes

    • October Quotes

    • September 2021 Quotes

    • August Quotes

    • July Quotes

  • 10

    Most used supplies and links

    • Most used supplies

  • 11

    Monthy discount codes

    • Each month there will be a different discount code

  • 12

    Guest teacher inspiration or project

    • Schedule for guest artists

    • August guest artist - Laura Dame

    • September Guest Artist-Megan Quinlan

    • October Guest Artist-Tracy Hickman

  • 13

    Music Play lists

    • December music playlist

    • November playlist

    • October playlist

    • sept. playlist - stars - adventure - magic

    • August play list - music from artist from around the world

    • July playlist - happy peaceful guitar music

  • 14

    Monthly free prints

    • December free print

    • November free print

    • October free print

    • September free print

    • August free print

    • July free print

  • 15

    Workshops included with the membership

    • Mixed media Kickstart Workshop

    • Journal Journey workshop

    • Step by step finish it Workshop

    • How to make your own art journal

  • 16


    • Guidelines for the membership