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Classroom opens July 6th

Workshop Sold Out!

Open Your Wings Mixed Media Workshop

This 3 week workshop (Opening July 6th) will gently guide you through two projects.

Faux encaustic work of art with found rusty elements and winged hearts. Two additional bonus projects are included in week three using plaster, clay and image transfer.

These projects will journey through,

~ faux encaustic, ~plaster, ~clay, ~image transfer and ~collage

With prompts to help you spread your wings, find your creativity and journey through the process soulfully.

My goal with this workshop is to give you an intimate setting with a small class size, to come as close as possible to teaching you live.

There will be a Q&A video at the end of each week, with one more follow up Q&A a week after the course ends to make sure everyone is flying.

I will answer each of your questions by video, demonstrating techniques and answering dilemas. What ever the questions are, I will cover it in person.

You'll receive a supply list, that is also available in the classroom. Believe it or not, there's not alot of supplies needed. Most items you will already have. There will be just a few things you might need to pick up, but you'll get the supply list a week before class opens so you can begin to gather.

You will also receive page after page of vintage papers and butterfly downloads to use in your projects.

A few more details

  • I walk you through each technique step by step so that you understand the medium that you're using.
  • We'll practice first, so that you can get a feel for what we're doing and get the jitters out.
  • I create right along with you, and I don't just show you the process, but share the mood and feeling behind creating.
  • You will have lifetime access
  • Videos are downloadable
  • Although this is a 3 week course you can take your time and work at your own pace. However, I will only be available for the 3 weeks to answer questions with real time video, after that I will reply via email.
  • The classroom has a discussion area where students can reply amongst each other, ask questions, make comments and post pictures of projects and your process.
  • All content is in the classroom, downloads, supply list and everything is downloadable.
  • You'll receive your classroom access a week before class goes live so you can make yourself familiar with your settings and you can get and download your supply list, watch a welcome video and get excited about creating.
  • There are no refunds allowed due to the fact that you will have course content available to you.
  • Classroom is viewed best on your desktop but is fully fuctional to be viewed on a tablet or mobile device

This Workshop is sold out!

The classroom will open July 6th to Welcome you and to give you the supplies.


July 6th - Welcome - classroom open to get supplies and a Welcome video.

July 13th - Week 1 - Class official begins - Faux Encaustic project

July19th - Q & A video to answer any questions

July 20th - Week 2 - Winged hearts - Clay and plaster

July 26th - Q & A video to answer any questions

July 27th - Week 3 - Bonus projects with clay and plaster

Aug. 3rd Final Q & A video

Artist/Creative Soul Shawn Petite

Well Hello There! And thank you for allowing me to join you on your creative journey! My name is Shawn Petite and I’m a mixed media artist, living my dream of creating every day. I've been teaching and creating for over 26 years in many different mediums but found my art soul mate in mixed media.  I’ve been published in several magazines, I produce my own line of stencils, and create soulful and informative workshops on mixed media. But most importantly, I try every day to encourage and inspire. To show love with my paintbrush. To leave my little corner of the world a better place. One of my greatest joys is to know that I've encouraged YOU on your creative journey My favorite quote: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. " Maya Angelou Always know that you are loved!

Course curriculum

    1. I'm so Glad your here! ~~~~START HERE

    2. Welcome Video

    3. Supply list

    4. Supplies video

    5. The best results for your downloads

    6. Instructions for printing and resizing downloads VIDEO

    7. Wings to download and use

    8. background collage elements download

    9. The difference between matte/gloss gel and fluid matte/gloss medium

    10. Q & A


    12. 1. What you will need for week one

    13. 2. helpful hints when creating your wings and encouastic

    14. 3. What your need to prepare your wings Video

    15. 4. Preparing your wings for image transfer using gel medium video

    16. 5. Image transfer finishing up video

    17. Q to the A (answers to your questions)

    1. 1. What you will need for week one

    2. 2. Helpful hints when creating your wings and encaustic

    3. 3. What you need to prepare your wings VIDEO

    4. 4. Preparing your wings for image transfer using gel medium VIDEO

    5. 5. Image Transfer finishing up

    6. 6. Gathering your items for first layers and embedding in faux encaustic VIDEO

    7. 7. Getting started faux encaustic part one VIDEO

    8. 8. Faux encaustic part 2 second layer gel medium VIDEO

    9. 9. Faux encaustic, Part 2, second layer projects 2 and 3 speed painting

    10. 10. Faux Encaustic Part 3 the finishing touches VIDEO

    11. 11. Faux encaustic, part 3, the finishing touches project 2 and 3 speed painting VIDEO

    12. Download of inspirational quotes

    13. Q and A

    14. Answers to your questions

    1. 1. What you'll need for this week - Winged hearts

    2. 2. Helpful hints to make your project go smoothly

    3. Words to use or to help with inspiration

    4. 3. What you'll need for winged hearts VIDEO

    5. 4. Preparing your hearts - clay and prep for bonus project VIDEO

    6. 5. wiring your wings VIDEO

    7. 6. What you will need for making a home for your hearts VIDEO

    8. 7. Making a home for your winged hearts - plaster Part 1 VIDEO

    9. 8. Making a home for winged hearts Part 2 sped up VIDEO

    10. 9. Winged hearts - What you need for this section /putting it all together VIDEO

    11. 10. Wing hearts - Putting it together - sealing for painting VIDEO

    12. 11. Winged hearts Putting it all together and finishing touches PART 1

    13. 12. Winged hearts - Putting it all together PART 2

    14. 13. Winged hearts PART 3 final speed painting

    15. Q and A

    1. What you will need for this sections

    2. Helpful hints when creating your bonus projects

    3. What you'll need for this section Bonus projects Plaster hearts and hanging hearts

    4. bonus projects hanging hearts - shaping and molding - clay

    5. Bonus project creating your plaster hearts

    6. Sealing your bonus projects

    7. Bonus Project Hanging Hearts Finishing it

    8. Bonus project plaster heart 8x8 art

    9. bonus project plaster heart journal page c

    10. Q & A

    11. Bonus project plaster heart hanging tag

    1. Closing VIDEO and thank you

    1. Q & A

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