A gentle journey exploring abstract landscapes

Let's walk through what the seasons mean to you. How you can take those memories and meaning and use them to create beautiful landscapes.

 With a simple and easy approach to abstract. Using acrylic inks, High flow acrylic, soft pastels, and lots of yummy papers

4 abstract projects plus a warm up project

We'll create a beautiful journal page to get our creativity flowing and a chance to practice with all our supplies.

What you can expect from this workshop

  • A gentle approach to creating

    Explanation of all supplies and how I use them in this workshop

  • Practice time

    We'll practice with the techniques that I use. So that you feel comfortable and fearless when you create

  • Discovering new ideas

    I'll show you how to use soft pastels in a new way, how short strokes make a difference. How to make your own crackle, how to fix your project if you're unsure, how to use papers that inspire you and so much more

  • Warm up project

    Full journal page warm-up project to help get the creative juices flowing and to practice

  • 4 full projects

    We'll create 4 projects. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and dive in to what each season means to us.

  • Techniques

    Techniques we'll explore - the benefit of restraint, small stroke composition, how to blend transparent layers, creating crackle collage, the imagination of abstraction, creating contrast and balance, making water-soluble products permanent.

  • Over 5 hours of video

    All videos are downloadable, with closed captions in English and a full transcript of each.

Are you ready?

To learn new things and explore the seasons within you

Watch on all your devices

with closed captions


  • Do I need internet

    Yes high speed internet is helpful, but all videos are downloadable

  • Can I get a refund

    Unfortunately no, because you will have access immediately to all the information

  • How long do I have to take the course

    It's yours forever! Watch when you can at your own pace.

  • What if I have questions

    There is a discussion area where you can ask questions, share photos and connect with others. I monitor all the questions and will get back to you asap

Take a look

Take a look at the lesson below and here is an idea of the supplies that we'll be using.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and start here

    • So glad you're here and how to get the most out of this workshop

  • 2

    Supplies we'll be using in this workshop and practice

    • Overview of supplies

    • A closer look at acrylic ink and paint and how I use them

    • Crackle types and how to make your own

    • The difference between matte medium and matte gel and when and why use them

    • Soft pastels and different way to use them Part 1 and part 2

    • Collage papers - enjoying the process and choosing what inspires you - with downloads for you to use

  • 3

    Warm up - Art journal page to practice and start the creative process

    • Warm up part 1

    • Warm up part 2

    • Warm up part 3

    • Warm up part 4

    • Warm up part 5

  • 4

    Basic layout and key elements to each piece

    • Projects breakdown, overview and tips

  • 5

    Project 1 summer

    • Summer supplies overview and intro

    • Summer Part 1

    • Summer Part 2

    • Summer Part 3

    • Summer Part 4

  • 6

    Project 2 Autumn

    • Autumn supplies overview and intro

    • Autumn part 1

    • Autumn part 2

    • Autumn part 3

  • 7

    Project 3 Winter

    • Winter supplies and overview

    • Winter part 1

    • Winter part 2

    • Winter part 3

    • Winter part 4

  • 8

    Project 4 Spring

    • Spring overview and supplies

    • Spring part 1

    • Spring part 2

    • Spring part 3

    • Spring part 4

  • 9

    Sealing and finishing your work

    • Sealing and finishing your work

  • 10

    Thank you!

    • So glad that you joined me