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    1. Hello There - Let me show you around!

    1. Week of 5-28-23

    2. Week of 5-21-23

    3. Week of 5-14-23

    4. Week of 5-7-23

    5. Week of 4-30-23

    6. Week of 4-23-23

    7. Week of 4-16-23

    8. Week of 4-9-23

    9. Week of 4-2-23

    10. Week of 3-26-23

    11. Week of 3-19-23

    12. Week of 3-12-23

    13. Week of 3-5-23

    14. Week of 2-26-23

    15. Week of 2-19-23

    16. Week of 2-12-23

    1. Sunday Inspiration projects and link to video and supplies

    1. Quick links and discount codes

    1. How to download the collage papers

    2. Numbers, letters, alphabet

    3. floral, fowers

    4. Birds, bees, butterflies

    5. Vintage papers, wallpapers

    6. Sunday inspiration collage papers

    7. Holidays

    8. General collage papers and background papers

    1. Stencil techniques, prep and 4-30 minute art journal projects

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