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    1. Hello There - Let me show you around!

    1. Quick links and discount codes

    1. How to download the collage papers

    2. Numbers, letters, alphabet

    3. floral, fowers

    4. Birds, bees, butterflies

    5. Vintage papers, wallpapers

    6. Sunday inspiration collage papers

    7. Holidays

    1. July 2021 content from the membership

    2. July 2021 content from membership journal page

    3. how to make your own handmade journal updated version

    4. Gift giving ideas to create

    1. Most used supplies

    1. magazine resources

    2. Books that inspire me

    3. Acrylic paints

    4. Brushes and palette

    5. Substrates

    6. Paint terms

    7. types of paint

    8. Color mixer to get just the right color

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