Let's Create Together!

If you've ever wanted to take a live workshop with me, this is your chance!

We'll create this gorgeous textured mixed media floral from beginning to end.

What you'll get in this Live workshop

  • Hands on instruction

    I'll be with you live, July 7th answering your questions, showing you step by step how to layer everything together. Using fun tools to give the perfect grungy background look. We'll create together in Zoom and the link will be right in your classroom. There'll be two camera angles so you don't miss anything when we're live.

  • In classroom instruction

    In the classroom, there will be video instruction on supplies, what I use, and how I use them. I'll show you how to prepare the first layer of our background so that you can have it ready when we go live.

  • Templates

    I provide background papers for you to download and use. I also provide templates for the flower with lots of options for you to choose from. I'll even provide the quote for you to print.

Customize your project

I give you options to truly make your project your own.  Lot's of ideas to customize your project and tell your story.

Live Stream July 7th at 11 AM EST

There will also be a replay of the live in case you miss it or you want to go back and create again.

Available on all devices

With closed captioning on all videos and recordings. And full transcript for your notes

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and how to navigate the class room

    1. Supplies over view Part 1 and list

    2. Supplies overview part 2

    3. Supplies a deeper dive Part 1

    4. Supplies deeper dive part 2

    1. Collage papers

    1. Let's prepare the first layer of our background Part 1

    2. Let's prepare the first layer of our background Part 2

    3. Let's prepare the first layer of our background Part 3

    1. Live stream instructions and how to sign in

    1. Live replays part 1 through 5 and project pic

About this course

  • Free
  • 12 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content